What Parts of Your Home Can Water Restoration Services Help With?

Water damage can slowly but surely wreak havoc throughout your home. When areas in your home get wet, it instantly creates the ideal humid environment for mold spores to flourish. According to IPropertyManagement.com, on any day, 14,000 people are dealing with this. Thankfully, water restoration services can help with several areas throughout your home.


Addressing floors covered in carpet can be challenging, making it a horrible idea to undertake this one as a DIY project. Water often soaks into the carpet itself. It can flow through the carpet, damaging the materials underneath. A professional will remove the carpet to remove any standing water, improving indoor air quality and preventing mildew.

Inside Walls

It’s common for families with leaking pipes or roofs to have water damage inside their walls. The water slowly spreads down the inside of the wall, leaving a trail of dampness through insulation and drywall. Restoration specialists have special tools to determine the damp areas inside the wall that need replacing.


Leaking pipes that run through the ceiling are a common culprit for mold. Professionals typically see this when the overflow pipe to the bathtub is not connected correctly, which is often the case in older houses. Without proper restoration services, this humid area will slowly fill with toxic mold, making household members sick.

Personal Items

During extreme disasters, like flooding, or severe damage, such as a massive hole in the roof from a tree falling, water can damage all your belongings. Water restoration services often extend to helping you salvage whatever belongings you can. Homeowners will save money and be able to keep their keepsake items and furniture.


Water damage is typical in basements even when no disaster exists. Water often leaks through cracks in basement floors and tiny holes in old foundations. The excess humidity in the air can make structural components of the house softer, posing a safety risk. Mold and mildew will increase, causing further damage.

These are a few areas that water restoration services can help with after a leak or something else causes damage in your home. Water damage can be disheartening, but you don’t have to deal with it alone. Instead, contact A-1 Restoration to discuss the depth of your problem today.