Commercial & Residential Restoration Services

When disaster strikes, we’re there to provide the guidance, expertise and personalized care needed to ensure your life gets back to normal, quickly.

Fire, Smoke, Flood Damage Repair in Rockford and Elgin, IL

With over 26 years of experience, A-1 Restoration has successfully restored thousands of residential, commercial, and industrial properties from fire, smoke, flood damage repair throughout Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

A-1 Restoration is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Our 24-hour emergency response center will dispatch a crew immediately, and our dedicated, highly skilled professionals work quickly to contain the disaster to prevent further damage. Every situation is different that’s why we offer comprehensive solutions that focus on your priorities.

When a fire, a natural disaster or vandalism occurs, our emergency response crews secure the property to protect it from theft and inclement weather. We will implement disaster recovery services that fit your needs. Whether you require temporary power, structural stabilization, debris removal or securing your property, A-1 Restoration is your emergency response team.

If flooding has ravaged your office or home, then you now understand the importance of getting a prompt solution to this problem. Be it a burst pipe, or a massive flood from storm damage, the only way to recover your space is a swift response. Since cleaning one’s property is not an easy task and you don’t know the proper way to remidiate the propery, it’s important to invest some money on this matter.

Water damage restoration in Rockford provides quality services at affordable prices. Their purpose is to help property owners restore their dwellings to their original, pre-damaged state without wasting time. For one, the laborious task of attempting to remedy the situation on your own will be eliminated. Secondly, you do not expose yourself from health risks. Thirdly, they have the right equipment to do the job. Overall, their purpose is to stabilize any damp or moist environment and discourage the growth of mildews and molds.


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